The corona crisis and territoriality: The end of hyper-mobility?

The impacts of policy decisions to close national and some regional borders, drastically reducing people’s mobility, are likely to last considerably longer than the actual policies themselves. Importantly, they may also trigger substantial ongoing changes to our societies.   Hypermobility  In recent decades framed by globalisation, witnessing our societies and economies being driven inexorably towards hypermobility […]

Multi-locality and variable scales

Where are we? Our global condition puts us in a position where we need to constantly re-position ourselves in the face of increasing digital, functional and cultural interconnectivity. Digital solutions and technological advances have compressed time and space by reducing the distance between potential localities and the time that it is takes to travel or […]

The Good Life, the Finnish way

Tytti Määttä, Mayor of Kuhmo and Finland’s most influential spokesperson for rural areas, recently published an excellent column “Vitality to the countryside with a five-point programme” (original column here: some of you may not be daily followers of this fine publication Maaseudun Tulevaisuus (The Future of the Countryside”), with Tytti’s permission, I will paraphrase […]

Expert knowledge and social media – an impossible equation?

Do you feel frustrated with the quality of discussion in society? Do you feel we are inundated with data, but need better analysis and a closer dialogue with research and society? Do you get annoyed at the way public debate seems to ignore scientific knowledge? Are you appalled at how politicians and opinion leaders seem […]